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The Importance of Electronic Physical Security

Protection for everyone

Video surveillance and Access Control have become a necessity for today's organizations. Electronic physical security systems protect both the company and its employees. Helping businesses improve security, enhance operations, and minimize losses.

Video Surveillance-

When the cameras are visible they act as a deterrent that discourages criminal activity and protects the organization and its employees from theft. Cameras installed in parking lots can be used by security officers to ensure employees leave the premises safely and minimize vandalism. This technology also deters employee theft, abuse, or harassment.

Access Control-

Electronic access control creates a more secure environment for work or study by allowing organizations to schedule access for staff and creating an audit trail of any authorized entry. By utilizing a myriad of locking solutions and providing security credentials to meet the needs of your organization, United Systems can protect your people and assets better than ever before. When combined with our managed services, we can provide a turn-key security solution that stream lines onboarding and minimizes down time.

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Leverage the experience of United Systems

United Systems has a long history in video surveillance, having installed thousands of surveillance cameras in Oklahoma schools and businesses. We help our customers determine the right video surveillance solution to reduce costs, improve the quality of surveillance, and provide added value for existing investments.

We approach each customer’s needs individually because there simply is no such thing as a “one size fits all” security solution.

United Complete delivers proactive IT management that decreases your downtime.

Keeping an eye on your district

K12 Security Solutions

An essential component of security in today's schools is video surveillance equipment. Because your teachers should be focused on their classrooms and you can only be in one place at a time, having an extra set of eyes on your district's property helps to reduce potential theft and vandalism.

This equipment can also discourage acts of violence or inappropriate behavior on campus, which makes everyone feel safer. Visible cameras can act as a deterrent, and we want to ensure your staff, your students, and their parents know that the school is protected.

Another benefit to having video surveillance in your buildings is to monitor the whereabouts of guests. Once they have signed in, you can monitor their movement throughout the building and confirm they sign out before they leave the premises. You don't want to risk having unauthorized individuals roaming your halls, and surveillance equipment can help prevent this.

There are numerous questions to consider when implementing a video surveillance system, but United Systems has many years of experience in this area. Let us help you select the best option to keep your schools safe and protected.

Security Questions?

Do you have security questions? Reach out and let us know how we can help. We'd love to customize a plan just for you!

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