Filtering & Firewalls

Protect your network—and your employees—from unsafe web content

One of the top concerns for companies' IT staff is ensuring online content is secure and no potentially harmful or inappropriate material can be accessed while on the district's network.

Securing staff access to questionable content

United Systems content filtering options offer group policies, which can block certain employees from accessing categories of websites deemed inappropriate for work. This feature aids in improving productivity and ensuring staff are focused on their responsibilities.

Intelligent filtering protects your resources

Our intelligent filtering solution will automatically detect inappropriate content, so your IT department won't spend valuable time manually blocking websites.

From Malware to Data Theft, layering protection into your current IT infrastructure is becoming more and more important every day.

United Complete delivers proactive IT management that decreases your downtime.

Firewalls and Network Protection

You can quickly find yourself in bad places while surfing the Internet, exposing your network to malware that can cause massive problems for your organization. Leaving users free to roam the Internet can also lead to lost productivity, reduced bandwidth, and even worse, legal liability. With WatchGuard’s WebBlocker, you get a powerful and easy-to-use solution for controlling and monitoring web activity across your entire organization.

Enforce Corporate Policies and Increase Employee Productivity

Most organizations have policies that restrict viewing inappropriate and offensive content, but maybe you want to block social media for all users with the exception of your marketing team. Maybe you want your employees to view entertainment-related content only during lunch hours or have a set quota per week. With WatchGuard’s WebBlocker, you have complete control to set different polices per user or group with the granularity that won’t cause big sweeping problems to other departments as you lock down web usage.

Ensure Network Bandwidth for Business-Critical Applications

Avoid slow connection speeds and network bottlenecks caused by cyberloafing. With WebBlocker, you can easily block or limit non-work related web activity to ensure adequate bandwidth is available at all times. In combination with WatchGuard Dimension, you are able to quickly diagnose the problem and set policies that will ensure your business is running at top speed.

Filtering or Firewall Questions?

United Systems would love to help you with your network filtering and firewall needs. Let us know how we can help you be more secure!

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Filtering & Firewalls
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