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SAFE Classroom

Unifying your buildings under one interface

At a time when education budgets are being cut but more resources are needed, combining your district's internal communication tools and classroom control systems under one unified solution makes perfect sense.

This interface doesn't require additional staffing to run, it's cost effective, and you won't need working knowledge of multiple systems—everything is housed under one product! Benefits of unifying your systems include:

• Synchronized bells, clocks, and PA systems
• All digital signage runs through the same program
• Using a classroom audio enhancement system, each teacher wears a microphone around his/her neck that includes an alert button should something happen in or around the classroom
• Centralized monitoring station with both visual and audible alerts, including a flasher, a sounder, and an LCD screen showing the location of the alert by room number and time the teacher pushed the button
• Integration of existing fire alarm pulls with digital signage for mass emergency notification
• Standardized classroom control panels so teachers are familiar with using equipment, no matter what classroom they're in

Contact us to discuss which components would work best for your district and how we can help get you set up.


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