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Switching and Routing

Connecting your devices and your employees

When it comes to the basics of connectivity and network infrastructure, United Systems provides a variety of switching and routing needs. In the past, these devices were focused solely on connecting computers and printers to a network and transferring data between those devices and other networks. Today, switching and routing can provide additional services including IP phone systems, video conferencing, and wireless connectivity.

United Systems as your networking partner

Sourcing your network needs with United Systems and the hardware vendors with whom we partner provides you with many benefits: cost savings; local, knowledgeable, and reliable customer support; and high-quality, dependable equipment. With all the projects you have going on, you don't need the additional worry of faulty equipment that requires constant maintenance on your end.

Communication is key

Our networking experts will create an infrastructure for your district that will allow end-users the ability to connect and collaborate with one another, no matter the number of users or the distance between sites. And in our world where instant access and the ability to communicate with schools around the world is becoming the norm, you want to ensure your connectivity is smooth and uninterrupted for your students.


Our switching and routing solutions partners include...





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