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Giving you the space you need

As education moves more and more to a digital environment, it is imperative you have enough storage on your network to house not only all the applications your staff and students run daily, but all the documents they create, portfolios the students store and add to each year, videos and audio files they produce, and all the emails you must now archive for potential open records requests.

Multiple storage options

United Systems provides a variety of storage solutions for your district, ranging from providing physical hardware housed onsite to offsite hosting to cloud-based storage. Additionally, we can provide disaster recovery options to ensure your district is never in a position where your data is irrecoverable due to an unforeseen event.

Helping you manage the load

Managing such an immense amount of data can be an overwhelming and costly burden for your staff. So whether you need help reducing the workload of an overtaxed IT department or being assured of your data's safekeeping, United Systems can provide the answer.


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