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Intercom and Bell

Intercoms and their technology demands

Watching the evolution

Over the last several years we have seen what were once just simple point-to-point voice communications devices transform into major communications networks and require large installations. This growth in intercom systems has also changed the way we evaluate and design intercom solutions.

In the past, a simple communications link between two or more users was good enough to meet our customers needs. Today, differing data and signal types must be integrated into an overall network. In addition, installations are getting increasingly complex, requiring new approaches and solutions that not only include communications within one site, but also link together multiple locations simultaneously.

Increase the safety and security of your environment

Let United Systems help you determine the best fit

Reliable and real-time communication is important for the security and safety of employees in any corporation. Let United Systems help evaluate and assess your communication needs and design an intercom system that meets your unique challenges while being scalable to fit within your current technology environment.

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