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Google Apps for Education

Real-time collaboration anytime, anywhere

googleappslogoHaving the ability to work cooperatively as a group not only within the classroom but also online can bring more depth to a project than simply having students work on their own. With Google Apps for Education, your teachers can increase the sense of teamwork and community with their students by creating and accessing documents on which everyone can comment and provide their ideas. And since everything is online, the group doesn't have to be in the same room together; as long as the Internet is accessible, the student can participate.

Platform and browser agnostic and secure

No need to worry about everyone having the same Mac or PC or mobile device. This cloud computing tool works on any type of computer and tablet, and all web browsers support it. And because you must log in for anything to be accessible and you must specify those with whom you want to share documents, you don't need to worry about random people being able to access your files. Everything is safe and secure.

What's in it for me?

Google Apps for Education contains a comprehensive set of tools to enhance instruction for both teachers and students.

• Gmail—be able to correspond back and forth with students and parents regarding their work.
• Calendar—create a classroom calendar that lists all upcoming assignments, tests, project due dates, etc.
• Drive—consider this your storage locker containing all files you created, as well as any files that have been shared with you.
• Docs, Sheets, Slides—Google's versions of word processing, spreadsheet, and slideshow software. Unlike other products, though, these versions allow multiple users to view a document and also edit it simultaneously.
• Sites—Easily create a class website to host a variety of announcements, activities, contact information, and anything else you can think of.
• Maps—be able to visualize with your students the locations where a novel takes place or help them get a better picture for distances between sites.
• Blogger—create a class blog to capture thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics. Help increase your students' writing skills.
• YouTube for Education—an educationally focused version of YouTube that strips away all the ads and inappropriate content.

These are just a few of the items you can take advantage of with Google Apps for Education. Let us show you how to get started!


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