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Tablets and Laptops

Things to consider for the mobile professional...

What's important?
More and more businesses are becoming mobile for increased productivity and profitability. This is driving many managers to include mobility in their technology strategies. As a part of this strategy they need to consider a variety of factors when determining devices for their staff.

Some factors to consider:

  • What applications will be used?
  • What form factor is desired?
  • How much battery life will be needed?
  • What kind of budget is available?
  • How much typing will be done on the device?
  • Will you need to record audio, video, or take pictures?

So many choices ... so little time!

We can help you determine the best options for your mobile professionals
At United Systems, we have a mobile staff of over thirty employees, each of whom use a variety of different mobile devices and laptops. This first-hand experience gives our staff the knowledge and experience to guide you through the confusing and overwhelming options available.

Mobility Questions?

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