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USI Announces New Innovative Leading Edge Position

Oklahoma City, OK:  United Systems, a leading Oklahoma based technology company, is excited to announce a new professional services offering, vCIO.  This service will not only enhance our relationship with United Complete customers, but will also allow us to provide on-demand expert guidance to any organization that needs it.

In trying to control expenses, many organizations cannot afford to directly employ certain positions that will not be utilized in a full-time manner.  Many times these same positions are critical in maintaining quality, cost control and strategic advantage.  The CIO or Chief Information Officer position is typically one that is not filled, especially in small to medium organizations. Alvin Myers, President/CEO explains this is why we are bringing the “virtual CIO” or vCIO professional service offering to our market.  Customers will be able have as much or as little vCIO assistance as needed in their situation, paying only a fraction of the cost of hiring a CIO full-time.

For all of our United Complete managed services customers, the vCIO is responsible for the full lifecycle of solutions and support. They will develop a thorough understanding of the customer’s business and technology needs and expected outcomes to provide the most effective solutions.  The best news is this is an included service for all United Complete customers at no additional cost!

The value proposition of the vCIO:

  •  Advisement for technological impact on desired organizational outcomes  
  •  Assisting with development and management of customer documentation and planning
  • Working with pre-sales engineering, technical implementation and managed services teams to ensure excellence in all aspects of technology solution delivery to the customer, whether from United Systems or another organization
  •  Ensuring the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction
  • Providing information on new technology trends and their impact on your specific organization
  • Communicate features and benefits of solutions
  • Review and provide advisement on compliance requirements

For this new prominent position, United Systems welcomes Joshua Pearce to the team.  Josh comes to USI with over 13 years of experience in Information Technology, most recently serving as IT Director for an Oklahoma School District.  His expertise covers many facets to include IT support, including infrastructure upgrades and end user system support, as well as firsthand experience with the implementation and execution of 1:1 Device Initiative for K12 students.

About United Systems, Inc:  Since 1984, United Systems has focused on solving technology-related challenges for our customers by leveraging industry-leading solutions.  Specializing in Support, Security, Maintenance Packages, Project Management and Network Support.  We are the “one-stop” technology provider for education, government, and business institutions in Oklahoma and Surrounding states.


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