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2016 School Year


 It's About Time

As principals, office staff, teachers and students return from summer vacation, buildings which have been mostly vacant for two months begin to creep back to life. It's very common for non-essential computers and other power consuming equipment to be turned off over the break to conserve electricity.

This is a great from an energy conservation standpoint, but when systems come back online after an extended period powered down, it's important to ensure that their internal system clocks are synchronized. Just like a school itself, systems like phones, intercoms, bells, computer networks, HVAC systems, (and yes, clocks) are often integrated with each other, and reliable performance requires that their internal clocks are synchronized.

It's a great idea this time of year to have your building level administration staff check the time displayed on the phone handsets, building clocks, bell and intercom consoles, and thermostats to ensure they're all in agreement and accurate. Variances of even a minute or two can create unnecessary chaos on the first day of school.

If you need additional help with systems that just can't seem to stay sunchronized, don't forget that United Systems offers discounted rates for CCOSA District Level members for these and many other vexing technical problems. We're always happy to help get you off to a smooth start of a new year

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