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A Letter From The COO, Alvin Myers:

 Dear Valued Customers and Key Contacts: 

We have made numerous investments in people, strategic partnerships and technical tools to ensure that we can not only provide the best solutions, but we can also provide support services that are second to none.  Even better, we can accomplish all of this while allowing you to effectively manage your IT budget.

We began our 33rd year of business in March with a 28 person team who has an average tenure of 10 years with United Systems.  More importantly, many of us have been involved in supporting and managing enterprise technical environments for over 20 years!  

One of our recent additions is our vCIO or virtual Chief Information Officer, which is a new position at United Systems.  For those of you not familiar with the term CIO, this is a position that is responsible for all strategy, planning and advisement for IT in an organization.  The creation of this position at United Systems allows us to offer these services as complimentary to all of our United Complete customers, and on an as needed basis to non-United Complete customers. 

Speaking of United Complete, this is our flagship total support package that can provide a single cost per month option for all of your IT Support needs.  This solution not only covers support services for the key technical elements in your environment, but also provides services for proactive updates and patches to keep the health and security of your environment in check.  As mentioned above, vCIO services are included at no charge to make United Complete an even more compelling choice!  If you need to control your budget and/or improve the reliability of your IT resources, please consider taking a look at United Complete.  Here is a quote from one of our newest United Complete customers “we are very pleased with the United Complete services and feel like we finally do not have to manage an IT contractor… we have found the tag line for United Complete of Proactive, Proven and Protected to be true”. 

United Systems has formed key strategic alliances with companies like Dell, VMWare, Microsoft, HP and locally with MidCon.  These alliances allow us to truly offer a one-stop solution, from advisement and planning to implementation, and on to support, disaster recovery and business continuity.  Another key partnership is with Security Solutions.  Security Solutions is a leading international provider of physical security solutions.  Our partnership with them allows us to offer a combined physical and digital security solution that can protect ALL of your assets. There is a noticeable difference when one company, who has all of the relationships, resources and capabilities, is responsible for all of your technology projects and support.  United Systems is that company and more Oklahoma businesses are experiencing our value every day. 

At the beginning of this letter, I mentioned our investments in tools.  One of the key investments we have made that continues to pay dividends for our customers is a state-of-the-art wireless assessment tool.  If any of you have tried to implement a 1:1 device solution, or just a robust wireless solution in your organization you may have found it to be a little challenging.  That is because wireless plans today have to focus on planning for capacity, not just connectivity.  This tool has allowed us to provide specific and accurate placement of wireless access to ensure capacity for the wireless objectives of our customers.  However, as you might guess, the tool is no good without the right person using it.  We have invested in developing internal resources who are members of industry leading groups on wireless planning and initiatives.  If you want wireless that works and will meet your objectives, talk to us!

United Systems is committed to providing leading IT solutions and the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  If that is not what you feel you have today, please give us an opportunity to visit with you about our solutions. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact us at 405-523-2162 or sales@unitedsystemsok.com. You are also welcome to contact me directly at 405-778-8305, or by email at amyers@unitedsystemsok.com.  

Thanks to all of our existing customers for your continued business and trust in United Systems. If you have not done business with us recently, or ever, we look forward to having an opportunity to serve you. 



Alvin Myers

President and Chief Operating Officer

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